Tuesday, August 20 – LGBTQ+ Opening Night

Lonely Seal International Film, Screenplay and Music Festival / Tuesday, August 20 – LGBTQ+ Opening Night

We launch our festival with beautiful and poignant LBGTQ+ cinema. Below is our opening night schedule. We look forward to seeing you there!

6:00-7:50 PM – LGBTQ+ Shorts  [BLOCK 1]

Tell Me (United States 8:45)

*Massachusetts Premiere*

Baby gay Emma is worried that her lack of experience with female partners will ruin an upcoming romantic evening. To avoid certain humiliation, she uses advanced VR technology to rehearse her date repeatedly, with mixed results.

Clocked (United States 1:41:44)

*Massachusetts Premiere*

Adolfo Rivera is an 18-year-old, undefeated boxer from a conservative catholic family in Miami, Florida. He may be remarkably talented in the ring, but his family’s dreams for his profession are far different from what Adolfo has in mind. Adolfo secretly saves his winnings for the biggest fight of his life: self-acceptance in his desire to transition into a woman.

8:00 PM – 10:30 LGBTQ+ Showcase 2 [BLOCK 2]

Mom(s) (United States 8:22)

*Massachusetts Premiere*

The fact that Abi has two moms shouldn’t set her apart from any other teenage kid, but when the high school father-daughter dance posters start to go up all over school, Abi can’t help but feel like an outsider.

August  (United States 20:10)

*Massachusetts Premiere*

After the death of their father, four siblings discover the truth of the first love he never shared with them.

Apophenia (United States, 16:17)

A supposedly straight couple attempts to redefine their relationship when one of them comes out as non-binary – and as the night progresses, Dolly and Perry will find themselves battling for control of the narrative of the film itself in this semi-autobiographical parable on autonomy and authorship in queer media.

Gianna (United States 10:00)

Gianna is a queer horror comedy following Gina, a Filipina Gemini doing her best, as she takes the advice of her sliding scale therapist to spend a day with her INNER SABOTEUR. Enter Gianna. Will they make peace, or does Gianna want Gina dead?

Look at Me (United States  126:28)

*Massachusetts Premiere*

A fictional autobiography about an insecure, awkward, and lonely bisexual actor who goes on an unwitting journey of self-love amid an eating disorder relapse.