Nestled at The Regent Theatre,  a 106-year-old classic cinema house in Arlington (Boston), MA, The Lonely Seal International Film, Screenplay & Music Festival showcases “Stories Aching To Be Told.” So, if you have one, we could be your long-lost cinema soulmate. Furthermore, we support your career far beyond our festival dates, so we’ll be in your corner throughout your career. It’s cinematic magic!

Particular focus is put on female filmmakers and the LGBTQIA, Minority, Indigenous, and Disabled Filmmakers. However, we LOVE AND SUPPORT ALL CONTENT CREATORS.

Our prizes include showcases for Worldwide Buyers at Cannes, prominent placement on a new crowdfunding platform, Final Draft software, strategic advice, and other career-enhancing gems. So, check out our five-star reviews from creators, then submit your fantastic creativity to us today!

For those looking for a fresh way to crowdfund your creative project, our sister company,  Hourglass24, can help you launch your dream.

Hourglass24 is Igniting 24-Hour Crowdfunding Campaigns.

Crowdfunding Campaigns earn most of their pledges in the first 12 hours and the last 12 hours, regardless of how long the campaign is. Thus, there’s no reason to agonize through 30 to 60 stress-filled, labor-intensive days when you can have your project ignited, showcased, and funded within 24 hours. 

Hourglass24  currently focuses on Feature Films, Documentaries, TV Series, Web Series, Short Films, Video Games, Music Videos, Albums, Concerts, Streaming Events, Comics, Graphic Novels, Books, Musicals, Plays, Screenplays, Film Festivals, Music Festivals, Screenplay Contests, and other wonderfully creative gems.

Blog24 is designed to help you thrive, from the inception of your campaign, until after it ends.

24 Hours Later, You Could
1. Get your project fully funded.
2. Raise seed funding.
3. Create great hype around your creativity.

24 Hours Later, You Will
Get paid quicker than other platforms. 

To have your project(s) considered, click the REGISTER tab on the menu and create an account. Thank you.

Hourglass24 is launching during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival/Film Market. We’re choosing 24 Projects to launch with, so apply now!

Call toll-free at

(877) 577-2424

or email he***@Ho*********.com