American Film Institute (AFI) Showcase

The Bake Shop Ghost 

In a haunted bakeshop, a determined young woman struggles to find the perfect recipe to satisfy a hungry spirit. Based on a best-selling children’s book, this film provides enchantment for all ages. Dir. Lorette Bayle. 

The Christmas Tree

When a Muslim girl brings home her class Christmas tree, she sparks a cultural and religious battle with her orthodox father. Dir. Najla Zaidi. 

A Meditation

A man who is a little lost finds himself connecting with a surprising woman who shows up to buy the DVR he is selling on Craigslist. Dir. Joe Petricca. 


Nina and Alex are married, with their toddler Elsie. Nina’s had enough. Dir. Lisanne Sartor. 


A psychosexual thriller about Isabelle, a lonely gallery owner who meets a dangerously seductive performance artist and discovers they have more in common than expected. Will Isabelle allow herself to let Camila in without giving in to her true nature?  Dir. Maria Arida.