Saturday, October 6.


Mass Appeal – Short Films – A selection of short films from Massachusetts Filmmakers

It Comes From the Heavens – Short Film (Cuba 19:35)

In a place where the eyes of God were the only witnesses, Angel, a ten-year-old boy lives with his pregnant mother, his stepfather, and grandfather is alone and surrounded by pigs. While Angel’s life is filled with darkness, his mother cannot see what is happening beneath the vault of her sky. Dir. Oldren Romero.

The Being Who Fell from the Stars – (USA 22:08)

An innocent alien crashes on Earth, bringing sound to a silent world. Dir. Jacob Padilla

Schmoopie –  Short Film (USA 7:00)

Who rescued who?” A woman – distraught over a breakup – has her life change from a simple suggestion. Dir. Mary C. Ferrara. 

Close to Home – Short Film (USA 3:57)

Put yourself in another’s shoes as we explore core social issues that plague today’s society in Ian Stack’s CLOSE TO HOME. Dir. Ian Stack. 

Kids Table: What Happened to Alicia? – Short Film (USA 14:45)

A musical coming-of-age story told with puppets. Ben comes home to help his parents move out of their house. When he comes across an old middle school yearbook, he’s taken back to his middle school years, but with an adult perspective. Kids’ Table is a collaboration between Boston musician Ben Levin (Bent Knee, Ben Levin Group) and Baltimore director Greg Bowen. Dir. Greg Bowen. 

Q&A session will follow the last film.