Saturday, October 6.


Mass Appeal – A selection of documentaries from Massachusetts Filmmakers

The Race – Documentary – (USA 10:02)

A young, idealistic Huntington’s Disease researcher comes face-to-face with three generations of a family devastated by the fatal, incurable disease she studies. For the scientist, who has never met anyone with Huntington’s Disease, the stakes of her research become real. For a Huntington’s Disease patient at the center of the story who is watching her mother sicken, fearing her own demise, and afraid for her two kids, it’s a mother’s plea – and a race against time. Dir. Dina Rudick.

When the World Changed – Documentary – (USA 34:10)

In 1980s Boston, three lesbians – a nurse, a civil rights lawyer, and a therapist – fought against the stigma and discrimination experienced by people caught in the AIDS epidemic and gave care and dignity to those who were dying. Dir. Anderson Clark.

The Stand: How One Gesture Shook the World (USA 108:20)

A revealing exploration into the circumstances that led Tommie Smith and John Carlos to take a stand at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. Dirs. Tom Ratcliffe and Becky Paige. 

Q&A session will follow the last film.