Thursday, August 22

3:00-4:50 PM Children Of The Streets Showcase [BLOCK 6]

Children Of The Streets (United States 1:16:47)

Before Scott and Maria ever set foot in New York City, Samuel and Cornelius, the men who would become Moses and the Man, fought for wealth, power, and control of the streets. A line in the sand was drawn. Years later, a young Joey finds himself caught in a web of plots that promise success and threaten violence. Children of the Streets, Part Four: The Beginning turns back the clock to unveil the histories of The Man’s streets, Moses’s Promised Land shelter, Joey, and three important people from Joey’s past: Emerly, Noel, and CJ. *An Introduction and Q&A will precede and follow the screening. 

5:00-7:20 Americana Showcase [BLOCK 7]

Forged in Steel (United States 7:08)

*Massachusetts Premiere*

This documentary details the American workers of the Bethlehem Steel Plant. The history and importance Bethlehem Steel had in making America what it is today comes straight from the mouths of men who worked there for decades. From building the country to saving it, Forged in Steel shares the story of what hard work can do for the community and beyond.

Green Frog Cafe  (United States 24:57)

*Massachusetts Premiere*

A young musician tries to keep himself and his band together as he faces the reality of losing his mentor and father figure, the one who taught him how to whittle, how to spit, and how to sit up straight. It’s a story that will resonate with those who have relied on someone to guide them through difficult times. The film is similar in tone to “Tender Mercies” and “Crazy Heart.” “Green Frog Cafe” features an original soundtrack of Americana and traditional music composed by director Cory B. Clay and lead actor Joe Anselm.

Texas Music Revolution (United States 1:43:00)

*Massachusetts Premiere*

The covid pandemic of 2020-21 was perhaps the greatest disruption to American society and pop culture in history. This documentary follows Joshua Jones, general manager of Dallas-based indie Americana radio station KHYI-FM, as he struggles to produce the silver anniversary of a beloved roots music festival in the wake of that pandemic.

Against a backdrop of stories and performances by Texas music artists Ray Wylie Hubbard, Charley Crockett, Joshua Ray Walker, The Derailers, and Kiefer Sutherland, Joshua’s heroic journey mirrors the themes that express the genre of Texas Country Music itself: Dedication, heartbreak, faith, and redemption … With a healthy bit of humor. In a welcome return from dark times, the Texas Music Revolution celebrates Texas, its people, and its music.

7:30-10:00 PM Whisky & Swigs of Cinema [BLOCK 8]

Decent People (Germany 15:00)

*North America Premiere*

When the lives of two women at polar opposites cross each other, the roles get switched. From victim to perpetrator, the step is short.

Stay Here  (United States 14:58)

*Massachusetts Premiere*

“Stay Here” is a coming-of-age story about a 14-year-old girl obsessed with womanhood. She eagerly awaits the milestones that come along with it and cannot wait to grow up. However, when faced with a harsh reality that she did not anticipate, she must consider whether she is ready to be an adult.

The Water of Life: A Whisky Film (United States 1:28:20)

*Boston Premiere*

For each elegant, delicate spirit, there is a violent, explosive, and incredible creation story that is as visually stunning as unexpected. As a child, Mark was refused supper until he could identify the decanted wine on the table. As he grows, he devotes his life to the wine business. One fateful afternoon, after a life spent detesting whisky, he’s forced to taste a sample from a small, relatively unknown out-of-business distillery, and his life is changed forever.