Monday, October 10

2:00 PM-5:00 PM Indigenous Day Showcase + Voices Of Women  [Block 18] 

We Are Still Here (USA 5:56) In a powerful story of resilience and survival, Otgadahe Whitman-Fox, a First Nations Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara woman from North Dakota, re-enacts the true story of her grandmother. 

Our Mob (Australia 5:02) Brenda Saunders learned her Nan was part of the Stolen Generation, constantly looking for family members, with a tangle of knots too sad or hard to undo.

LOKO ( Peurto Rico, 19:16) A Nuyorican bruja receives a visit from her ancestor during meditation and decides to move to Puerto Rico to live off the land like her ancestors.

Gray Area (USA 17:24) Kate Gray struggles with a full-time career as a therapist, raising four young children, past personal traumas, and marriage. In an attempt to hold it all together, she turns to alcohol. As Kate spirals down through the “gray area” of addiction and anxiety, she must choose to reach out for help or drown in her despair.

The Old Man Next Door (New Zealand 15:00) Matiu, a war veteran who struggles with PTSD and agoraphobia, cannot leave the safety of his home since his wife’s passing. Shy student Yvonne from next door, his only visitor in self-imposed isolation, struggles with her mental health. Distraught when her boyfriend leaves her, she stops taking her medication and soon spirals out of control. Matiu is the only witness to her descent into madness, which threatens her life. He must find the strength to cross the threshold and save her or remain a prisoner of his fear.

I Am The Warrior (Canada 7:52) A mother, and daughter Fox have a poor relationship. The daughter wants to right the residential schools’ wrongs and is committed to making her mother this way. She becomes the Warrior in her thoughts to save the young version of her mother, only to find her mother is the true Warrior after surviving Residential School.

Surfing to Survive (Australia 30:02) An inspiring film about how surfer and surf coach Karin Ochsner can overcome immense health challenges through the power of the ocean. Interviews are held with former Surf World Champion Pauline Menczer, pro surfers Danny Wills and Ozzie Wright, health professionals, neighbors, and more. 

Entanglement (Australia 1:03:19) 12 women writers. 12 personal stories. Heroic. Humorous. Powerful. Raw. From across the globe. 12 points of view. 12 performers all entangled, yet all have never met.