Here’s our 2021 Winners List. On behalf of everyone here at Lonely Seal, we thank you for your love and support. 

Film Winners 

Grand Prize

Yes, I Am: The Ric Weiland Story, by Aaron Bear

Best Female Filmmaker 

Shuhan Lei, Shadow Of The Moon

Best Feature Documentary

Kiss The Ground, by Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell

Best Short Documentary (tie)

Moustafa & Maram, by Malcolm St-Pierre

Best Short Documentary (tie)

The Last Vaquita, by Ed Harrison

Best Short Film 

Extra Innings, by John Gray

International Awards

Best International Documentary 

Sapelo, by Nick Brandestini 

Best International Short Film

New Dutch Herring, (Hollandse Nieuwe) by Ruben van Duijn

Best International Short Film Honorable Mention

The Secret Walls, by Anne Charrin, Lise Charrin, Aude Charrin, Jean-Marie Gatin.


Best LGBTQIA Feature Film

Yes, I Am: The Ric Weiland Story, by Aaron Bear

Best LGBTQIA Short Film

The Young King, by Larin Sullivan

Film Accessible Winners

Best Film Accessible Short Film 

Two Different Eyes, by Jeseung Lee

Best Film Accessible Short Film Honorable Mention 

2nd Act: Danny J. Gomez, by Carl Hansen and Danny J. Gomez

Screenplay Winners

Best Overall Feature Screenplay – The Story Most Aching To Be Told

A Man Called White, by Randy Hines 

An oppressed black man who can pass for white struggles to defeat the specter of lynching and resolve the dilemma of his own identity in 1930s America as he takes the reins of the fledgling NAACP.

Best Dramatic Feature Screenplay

ABCD, by Laurie Lamson

In the early roaring twenties, the modern brassiere hadn’t been invented yet, so an insecure busty young seamstress had two big “problems.”

With the help of her artist husband, this klutzy seamstress with a large bosom and even larger vision defy conventional society to free and empower herself by inventing the brassiere. But in the process, she alienates her best friend, outrages the Ladies’ Morality Guild, and almost loses her remarkable invention to an unscrupulous department store, until she learns the difference between restriction and support.

ABCD is an “uplifting” comedy/drama inspired by a true story that explores the creative process, the complexity of relationships between women, and marriage as a partnership rather than a power struggle. Isn’t it lovely to be a woman?

Best Dramatic Feature Screenplay Honorable Mention

One Foot Over The Edge, by Katelyn Wells

Based on a True Story. Set between 1994-2014, a Canadian Military Veteran, who served in post-genocide Rwanda, struggles for 20 years to seek help for his undiagnosed PTSD.

Best Comedy Feature Screenplay 

Caroline Buxton’s Lipstick Posse, by Kelly Jean Karam

Inspired by true events, Caroline Buxton’s Lipstick Posse is a heartfelt dramedy about an offbeat housewife who embarks on a door-to-door sales career with a hodgepodge of misfits under the nose of her authoritative husband.

Best Comedy Feature Screenplay Honorable Mention

Bright and Beautiful, by Zachary Smolar

A feisty creative dog groomer teams up with a cranky nursing home resident to win the National competition in Miami but must overcome resistance from the resident’s jealous son.

Best Short Screenplay

Curse Of Men by Naph Despres

An elderly, escaped Nazi officer is targeted by a supernatural force in his small house in the Argentinian countryside. He is forced to relive memories from his past as the objects in his house begin to torment and attack him. His pride and lack of remorse are his ultimate undoing as the supernatural force wreaks havoc on his sanity and finally kills him.

Script Accessible Awards

Best Script Accessible Feature Screenplay

Ace, by Jacobo Fe

Sir Douglas Bader was a British pilot during WWII, who, after losing both of his legs, became a flying ace. The use of prosthesis was not an impediment to prove his value and wit; both when he was battling in the skies or as an inmate in the most inexpugnable Nazi prison. Bader’s rude and rebel spirit coupled with his willpower and energy resulted in adoration and frustration in equal measures with his allies and enemies. His exceptional merits and career made him an inspirational hero. A human hero.

Best Script Accessible Short Screenplay 

When You’re Dead, by David J. Schroeder 

An old man tells a ghostly story at a funeral. Gabriel Matthews, a young paralyzed man, struggles to dress for the funeral of Tommy Wood–a mentally disabled man under his care.

Music Winners

Best Song

Half Of Me, by Eden Neville


Best Song Honorable Mention

Brooklyn Charlie, by The Atomik Age Project

Best Music Video

Egyptian Cotton, by Wren Wilder

Best Music Video Honorable Mention 

We Don’t Play, by Daniel Osorio