Lonely Seal x Designware


Lonely Seal is partnering with Designware, a game-changing platform that allows you to create responsive native apps, web apps, and websites, with the no-code editor made by designers, for designers.  With Designware, save months of time & thousands of dollars, while enhancing your project’s inherent value. 

Purchase Designware through Lonely Seal, and you’ll get two years of hosting and updates. Check out this gallery to see the possibilities, then click our logo below to send us a message.  You can also email us at Ho*********@Lo********.com.

Full Design Control

Display Your Way

Fully responsive pages work across any resolution—from mobile to 8K—with custom breakpoints and media queries.

Get Pixel-Perfect

Drag, drop, size, and space with any metric, add layout directions, and generate hierarchies.

Be Stylish

Add brand colours and text styles, upload your favourite assets, and enjoy millions of free fonts, icons, images, and videos.

Designware is the first and only no-code platform that publishes native apps for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, plus websites and Progressive Web Apps. All from the same project.

All projects start with a 10-day free trial.